The "Andrzej" Pipe Mill Limited Liability Company (original name: Walcownia Rur Andrzej sp. z o.o.) was founded on 14th October 2002 as a result of acquiring a bankrupt enterprise being the property of the "Andrzej" Steelworks (original name: Huta Andrzej S.A.). It took over the long-time experience of the "Andrzej" Steelworks in the production of hot rolled seamless pipes. The pipe mill is a producer of steel hot rolled seamless pipes ranging from 21.3 to 114.3 mm in diameter. Our pipes are of good quality and they fully fulfill the Polish, European and international norms.

BN - 85/0648 - 62 


Address: Poland, ZAWADZKIE, 47-120 Ks. Wajdy 1

Contact person: Commercial Department ,e-mail, website

Phone: +48 77 4616511

Fax: +48 77 4561138

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Steel seamless ship construction pipes
Length of pipes: manufactured: 4 - 12 m, dense of tolerance dimension ± 200 mm, dense of tolerance dimension ± 10 mm, multiple regarding an allowance for each cutting limited
BN - 85/0648 - 62

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